Talent Spotlight Presents Actor Leland Lambert

St. Louis is filled with talent on the rise. You may be hearing a buzz about a shining inner city star, making a name for himself, prepared to shock Hollywood with an earthquake of versatile talents. If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, you’ll be hearing it everywhere soon. ¬†We’re talking about a young actor/model named Leland Lambert.

Growing up in the Jeff Vanderlou neighborhood in North St. Louis, Lambert participated in every sport he could, excelling at basketball and baseball. He credits the Herbert Hoover Boys And Girls Club in keeping him from falling in to the streets. A young boy with a passion for sports Lambert excelled in high school graduating from Vashon in 2006. But where did his love for acting fall in?

In 2015 he attended an open casting call at West Talent Management. With a promising career in modeling ahead, Lambert’s agents, Gail and Sutton Lasatar, encouraged him to pursue a career as an actor as well. Lambert admits, “I never considered myself to be an actor. I mean I had zero experience, but with their support and training I began to try out for local castings.” The love story between Leland Lambert and Performing Arts began in April 2016 on the set of NBC’s Chicago P.D. as a background actor. After seeing the ins and out of a major television Network and being on the set in the heat of the moment, he was “hooked.”

Shortly after his trip back from Chicago, Lambert was cast as a lead detective in a murder mystery put on by Ballpark Village as a charity benefit for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This was Lambert’s first lead role, the crowd and staff was thoroughly impressed with his performance! Lambert has been called back to work on Chicago P.D. on several occasions. Not bad for an actor with zero experience.

While finding his passion for acting, there is a message behind his story that he wants to share with the world. “The main thing I want people to take away from my story is that you can truly do whatever you set your mind to. Of course it will not come easy, but with extreme dedication you can go anywhere you want to go.” He continued by saying, “Even though I am far from my end goal, I can say I have come a long way from where I started. Being just another kid from the North Side, I was basically counted out from day one. During my time at Vashon High School, our school was constantly on the news for fights and riots. The media portrayed us all as thugs and gangsters, and statistically speaking expected us to fail, from day one! You can either fit into the stereotype that everyone tries to paint for you, or you can overcome those odds and make your own path.”

Leland is currently filming an independent film called “Something To Prove”, where he plays Detective Carter. The film is slated for a 2017 release date, streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other media outlets. The St. Louis actor is still working on Chicago P.D. with three different non-speaking roles, as well as some stand in work. In addition to a screening this July at the St. Louis International Film Festival, Lambert also was a part of the Lindenwood University short film, “Damage Over Time”, screening at the Tivoli Theater. This young star has a lot in the works and is a great role model for inner city youth and beyond. There will be a lot more spotlight for Mr. Leland Lambert in the future!

  1. Chair photo cred Justin Barr
  2. Parking garage photo cred Alexandria McFadden
  3. Waterfall photo cred Mike Harvey
  4. Murder Mystery photo cred Timothy Schinsky

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