The World Of Performing Arts

When I think of Performing Arts, my mind auto generates a Shakespeare play. I initially think of a young actress falling onto her dearly departed lover speaking the words we all know so well; “Oh happy dagger/ This is thy Sheath.” This is a classic form of Performing Arts. Screenplay’s that tell timeless stories of ill-fated love and captivating action. Mega pictures and other small screen films are another form of Performing Arts. I’m sure we all can think of a time where we’ve eagerly waited on our favorite actor or actress to release their new project.

TV shows, soap opera’s, network series, these all are waves of entertainment that capture our attention and keep us busy. Music, is also widely recognized in the Performing Arts world. I can remember watching classic video’s like Thriller, as well as more modern video’s like artist Fall Out Boy’s innovative comedy, “A Weekend At Pete Rose’s” or My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” and of course BeyoncĂ©’s controversial music video “Formation”. 

Everything mentioned above is widely recognized and common in the Preforming Arts Community. But what about the unconventional, uncommon forms of Performing Arts. You have Skateboard Artists, Parkour Artists, Fire Dancers, and many other waves and performances that are slowly but surely sweeping the nation.

Don’t know what I mean? Go to your search engine and look up some of the things I’ve mentioned. If you’re fond of Performing Arts you’ll find yourself captivated in the motion. These artist are telling stories with their bodies. While this New Wave of “Art” is uncommonly recognized it is important to our community. These forms of art are keeping youth hope alive. There’s no better feeling than finding something you’re good at and being recognized for it. It’s always a great thing when you can be yourself and feel like you’re a part of something. It amazes me to see these New Wave concepts be recognized and come to life. Its a whole new form of expression, confidence, and acceptance.

Although I only mentioned a few, there are so many untold stories waiting to be told. I have opened myself up to many new stories and I encourage our readers to do the same. The world of Performing Arts is so huge. It’s all about telling a story and captivating an audience. As a mime can do with out even speaking, there are ways you can use your body to express your feelings. Some of these things I’d never heard of until I met a few unsung art heroes.

What can one really say about this New Wave? With times ever changing we need constant motivation to keep the show of art alive. We have more and more generations that are losing motivation. The classic aren’t as popular as they used to be and while I have love for all the classics, our youth need motivation to keep art alive. Try something new and encourage the young artist, and even the old, in your life to join the new wave. More to come soon!

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