10 Questions with Erin McRaven

This week’s Talent Spotlight is on Erin McRaven.

When asked what motivates her to do theater, Erin’s response was:

“Theater is good for the soul.  Watching it and performing it, offers a wonderful escape.  I say escape, but then it also is a great medium of self-discovery.  It’s amazing how much a character can teach you about yourself.  Theater is therapy.  There is an energy and relationship with the audience that can not be replicated anywhere else.”

Image provided by Erin McRaven

Erin also says, she has bonded with entire casts to the point they are family.  She expressed how much theater motivates her and says she cannot think of a more fulfilling business in which to be involved.

Finally, we asked Erin if she had any productions in the near future.  Erin let us know that she has no productions lined up at the moment. However, her season with Chesterfield Community College has changed somewhat, so her time she had blocked off for directing is now open.  She also showed excitement about getting out there and auditioning.
A huge thanks goes out to Erin McRaven for taking the time out of her schedule to answer our “10 Questions”  and chatting with us.
The best of luck to this week’s St. Louis Limelight’s Talent Spotlight, Erin McRaven.  We look forward to seeing you on stage!

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