10 Questions With Christen Ringhausen

Our next 10 Questions Talent Spotlight is on Christen Ringhausen.

  • What is your name and how old are you?
    • Hi! My name is Christen Ringhausen. I’m currently 29 years and 359 days old (including 8 leap days). But, by the time this spotlight comes out, I’ll likely clock in at around 30 years and a handful of days. I’ve been joking with my friends that my birthday plans include: (a) journeying back to my parents’ house; (b) sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom; (c) crying.  A bit dramatic, I know! I guess I have my theater background to blame.  But for real, if anyone wants to celebrate with me, holler atcha’ girl.

  • What are your hobbies, other than Theater, of course!
    • I dabble in improv (and am debating attempting stand-up).  I draw. I window shop antique furniture.  I play organ for weddings.  And on occasion, I go to used bookstores and buy outdated physics and science literature to, you know, keep up on time travel.
  • What do you do professionally?
    • Project manager at a local branding/design agency. My coworkers constantly amaze me. If you ever have downtime, you should definitely check out the fruits of their labor:  You can do so by Clicking Here!
  • How long have you been acting?
    • My parents would tell you I’ve been acting out since summer of 1987. (I kid!) In all seriousness, thanks to my wonderfully eclectic parents (who were/are very active in the arts), I hit the stage at age 10 and was instantly hooked.
  • How many shows have you been in?
    • If I didn’t spend all of my free time counting the number of years/days/leap days I’ve been alive, I’d probably keep a more accurate show count.  So for now, let’s say a plethora*! *  Likely around 25 or so.
  • What are your top 3 favorite roles you have played?
    • Bonnie Letour, Anything Goes
    • Calliope, Xanadu
    • The Artful Dodger, Oliver
  • Top 3 roles you would love to play?
    • My current top two are Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance and Lina Lamont in Singing in the Rain.
    • For the third, I have a (slightly obscure) tie. If the possibility arose for a gender-swap production of either Spring Awakening or Little Shop of Horrors, I’d love to play Moritz or Seymour.   A gal can dream!
  • What theaters have you worked with?
    • Alfreso Productions
    • Take Two Productions
    • Curtain’s Up Theater Company
    • Alton Little Theater
    • Rogue Theatre
    • Solid Line Productions
    • The Improv Shop
    • SIUE Theater Department
    • Calhoun Entertainment Company
    • As both patrons and performers, we’re fortunate to have such a wide breadth of theater opportunities in the greater St. Louis area.  Every group I’ve had the chance to work with, are made up of such wonderful, inspiring people.
  • What nominations and awards have you received?
    • Most recently, an AFL performance award [Best Comedic Actress – Calliope, Xanadu].
    • But I think I peaked in kindergarten when I won the local Shop ’n Save coloring contest. It really colored my upbringing! Badum-CHING.

Live, Laugh and Learn!

Image provided by Christen Ringhausen

Thank you, Christen Ringhausen, for providing our readers another inspirational “10 Question With”  interview and adding your own splash of humor!

When I asked Christen what motivated her to remain involved in Community Theater, she let me know she was a huge advocate and fan of both comedy and character work.  The on stage talent said she enjoys a role where she can be “brash, yet (in an odd way) charming as gold”.

Speaking of being an “advocate”, personally, I find myself being an advocate of inspiring others to follow their passion at any age!  When I asked Christen to contribute advice to those who share the passion of theater, she graciously responded,

“Three things to keep in mind!

1. You are your own worst critic. If you ever feel like you’ve hit a wall, don’t dwell on it. New opportunities will continue to surface!

Image provided by Christen Ringhausen

2. Be a supportive team player and try your best to make your scene partner(s) look good. In the grand scheme of things, shows tend to be stronger (and more enjoyable) if you all act as a supportive ensemble.

3. I personally believe that an actor shouldn’t feel limited by their demographic (be it age, gender, ethnicity, etc.). If you’re passionate about a part and ready to showcase what you’re able to bring to the table – go for it!”

Thank you, Christen Ringhausen, for being this week’s “10 Question With” Talent Spotlight!

We here at St. Louis Limelight not only want to thank you, Christen, but we would like to with you all the luck in

Image provided by Christen Ringhausen

your future and most importantly, we wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Without a doubt, this young artist has a lot to offer.  If you can, I recommend you mark your calendars for her next performance with Alfresco Productions in October. Christen will be performing on stage in “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. 

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