From STL to LA: Colin Rich and the Road to Fame

It’s hard to imagine picking up your bags and moving to Los Angeles to fulfill your dreams but that’s exactly what multi-talented St. Louis artist Colin Rich did. From writing to acting to producing, Mr. Rich has worn many hats. Learning how to play the drums at a very young age drove him further into music. At the age of 10, Colin got the opportunity to play the drums on opening day at a Cardinals game! Getting to be on stage in front of people really fueled the young performer.

Photo Credit: Colin Rich

Growing up, however, proved to be a struggle in which he would need his friend Music to carry him through life in one piece.

“I have seen some things I probably shouldn’t have seen,” Rich explains, “I dove into drugs. I was scarred in a way, and the only outlet I had to release it was the drugs and when I didn’t have that it was music.”

A very passionate piece Colin wrote on his album All Me called “The Heroin Song”, describes the struggles of coping with addiction and losing friends to drugs. It’s vulgar yet poetic and necessary in this society because if we haven’t been through it ourselves, we generally know someone struggling with addiction, depression, or anxiety. We know how music saves lives.

“When you have nothing and you’re withdrawn from that stuff, it’s really about feeling your time, and fueling your mind”, he explains further. “I was able to stick with music and find a passion and drive for it. And also teach people not to go the route that I went. I’m not afraid to talk about it. It’s my life, it’s what I went through. I also had a lot of good times in my life.”

Photo Credit: Colin Rich

The latest project entitled Trying To Be Rich focuses on Rich’s road to fame.

“If I could live off my art, that’d be amazing! Music is the way I can be myself and feed myself.”

Colin’s newest project is written and produce different by none other than the man himself. You have to be amazingly driven, talented and devoted to put together your own project like that. This project has a lot of fuel behind it. Colin goes on to explain,

“I got my heart broken. I felt like I needed a companion and I found out music can replace that. I wanted my music to be put out on a fair platform, and that’s what I got. I just want to be heard. That’s what all artists want at the end of the day.”

Photo Credit: Colin Rich

Well we hear you, Mr. Rich! This multitalented artist is not just a rapper, he has done a little of everything!

“I’m a drummer, I mix and master music, I shoot and edit videos, I do photography, I play guitar, bass, piano, I ghost write and produce. I’m like the combination of Jimmy Ivene and Dr. Dre!”

In inspirational fashion, Rich encourages readers to use life lessons to breed positivity.

“Learn from your experiences and be unapologetically you. I’d like to say I’ve found myself but I learn about myself everyday, and I learn a lot through music. So stay creative, be you, and don’t quit.”

In Colin’s sentiments, I encourage you to keep going for your dreams. Nothing is too big! Follow Colin on Instagram @IAMCOLINRICH or find him at

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