Why Your Community Needs A Theater Group

Community theater groups have been around since….well since there were plays to act out. These groups have been essential to the development of the cities and towns of which they sprout in, and are just downright fun. With me recently becoming part of a miniscule theatre in a small town of about 2000, I’ve seen life in a town the same size without a theatre, and then in a town with one. 

Social Benefits

It is an obvious assumption to say that a theatre can come with a lot of social perks. On a night of a performance, people in the community go out and sit with other town members to watch other people in the area act out a play or a musical for 2 hours. You get to go out and have a good time, regardless of how good or bad the acting is. And during intermission, you get time to catch up and meet new people. Theatre improves the spirit within a community and gives everybody a sense of pride for the town they live in.

Local Youth & Talent

Community theatre is a great asset to have especially when it comes to youth. In having a theatre, you have kids, and teenagers a few nights a week ( Staying out of trouble!) learning, and developing a skill. Along with adults, theatre is a great way to develop artistic abilities in forms of acting, singing, improvisation, dancing, construction… even painting and decorating. While keeping the local kids in an environment in which they can willingly learn, and away from dangerous situations.

Community theatre is great for any community anywhere. It can bring the community together, and treat the senses of any art lover. Theatre can build character in younger people and can release artistic abilities in everybody. If your Community does not have a theater group, its time for it to get one.

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