St. Lou Fringe Review: The Buzzer

A dark theatre surrounded by glass rooms, a pop-up bar, and Fringe Festival merchandise on sale was the ambiance for this show. The stage was very small but served its purpose for this short and sweet play which was written and directed by Mollie Jeanette Amburgey. 

As I sat down, the seats were very tight and after the introduction, the theater went black! I thought to myself how can I review a show I can barely see, and then the plot began to reveal itself. With only a few short moments of silence and a beautiful yet haunting song, The Buzzer was now under way. I was on the fence with the first scene. The idea of the Buzzer was unique and intriguing but I needed to wait to see how this idea would unfold. In the beginning, it seemed to lack the humor it aimed for with certain lines.

The actors embraced their roles, shining at the parts they were meant to portray, but the two characters introduced in the first scene weren’t initially likable or relatable. The second scene came together and grasped my attention a tad bit more. The actor who played Eric, Clayton Bury, did a great job as the average boyfriend in an uncertain relationship. We also get a peek at our main character Ali, Cara Barresi more in this scene. She becomes more relatable, everyone knows an Ally.

Interestingly enough, the writer, Mollie, states that in her program that “Ali, in the beginning of the show, is someone who very much resembles who I aspire to be as a person; Ali, at the end, is exactly who I am as Mollie.” Scene 3 introduces us to a heartwarming family relationship and gives us details into Ali’s past.   The plot becomes so intriguing that I can’t take my eyes off the stage! The actors really embraced this role and this scene!

Everything came together from here and I became more and more engrossed with the characters. This was a short film with only 4 characters but it was just enough to get the point across. It turned out to be a heartwarming story with a strong message that I as a person have connected with. Mollie gives us a very powerful story, one in which she states was inspired by a dream and life experiences. At the end of the show I spoke with Mollie and you can tell that this story is truly close to her heart.

The Buzzer is a powerful story with a very positive life message. I do recommend catching this show before it’s over. The last showing is August 25th at 6:00 p.m. With a 45 min run time, it’s a short piece that will leave you smiling and embracing life!

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