St. Lou Fringe Review- There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger

“Hallelujah! I’m a bum!” was sung to a well entertained and highly pleased crowd at the Kranzberg Arts Center, in the tail end of a late, 8:00 performance of There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger. The self-wrote one man operetta features a multi-talented musical (can I say genius?) in Willi Carlisle, as he showcased his talent with 5 instruments, and vocals to tag alongside a strong, animated acting performance.

The stage is set with various folk instruments, and a wooden chair, which on top lies a terrifying mask. The show begins with Carlisle, a large, stereotypical lumberjack style man walking to center stage, where he put on the mask as if it were part of a ritual, then turns and reveals his mask-clad face grumbling, and speaking to the audience as a sort of “Welcome” to his stage.

Not long after making his introduction, he starts plucking at his guitar, and the fun in the show didn’t take a break until the end. The show revolves around different personas of this versatile character. Reflecting on these seemingly different personalities, the show is driven by the stories they each tell. From a heartbreaking story of a soldier’s widow to a rather sudden strip tease, Carlisle backs himself up with his tremendous talent of playing the guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica, and fiddle. He even showed off some banjo juggling moves to impress the crowd.

In all, There Ain’t No More: Death of a Folksinger is quite the watch for anyone whether it be the multi-instrument talent, the acting, or the circus act of banjo twirling, everybody has something to be impressed about with this show.

If you didn’t make one of the performances, you have one more chance. He will be performing one more time on August 24th at 9:30 pm. You do not want to miss this show!

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