St. Lou Fringe Review: Hot For T Rex

HEY! WAKE UP!! If you haven’t seen Hot for T Rex yet, then make plans to attend this coming weekend. Presented by Tesseract Theatre Company and written by Taylor Gruenloh, it’s definitely a true embodiment of what Fringe is all about. 

Mia (played by Brittanie Gunn) was told she wasn’t talented but she made it rich writing Dino-Erotica. Yes, you read that correctly, Dino-Erotica. Now, she outranks all her former classmates in book sales and is officially on a revenge tour of everyone who wrote critical reviews of her work. If you’ve made negative comments about Hung Like a Dinosaur, The Flirtatious Period, Getting Dino-Sore (or any of her other popular titles), Mia will find you. And she’ll show you how love has no boundaries (including size, species, and time.)

This is probably the worst piece of art I have ever seen. It was pointless and Mia was nuts. She should probably walk into heavy traffic… Ok, seriously, this show was amazing. I absolutely loved it. Thankfully, because after watching the show, I would hate to give it a bad review. The body bag that sits on the edge of the stage still haunts me.

From the witty banter that Mia has, pretty much with herself, to the laugh out loud yet cruel reviews she reads aloud to her “hostage,” the audience was kept on the edge of our seats wondering what would happen next as we listen to the ravings of a woman that has completely lost her mind.

One thing that was so inventive was the lighting effects that they used. To represent each of the “victims”, they used the lights to represent the person’s eyes. As the victim begins losing consciousness, the lights start to fade. But Mia makes sure to wake them up by jumping forward and yelling at them.

This is the kind of show that could easily be seen as weird and confusing, but for me, I found it inventive and mesmerizing. It’s one that I would happily sit through again and again just to figure Mia out a little more each time.

Make sure to go and check this show out. There are two more opportunities to see it. August 25th at 9:30 pm or August 26th at 6:00 pm. You will be sorry if you don’t!

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