St. Lou Fringe Review: Power and Self with Stryker Spurlock

If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy then this is the show to see. With a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, Stryker Spurlock brings his stand-up about Family, Politics, Religion, and Sex to the Kransberg Studio. He titled the show¬†Power and Self, which suited his comedy sketch quite perfectly.¬†

He started out talking about his family while they sat in the front row. His “wife” girlfriend was one of his favorite topics as well as his 16-year-old sister. He was happy to say that he is the smartest person in his family, besides his sister of course. And he had a lot of strong words for his father, who did not seem to be in attendance.

During his set about politics, he explained to the audience the difference between morality and legality and how the Presidency doesn’t seem to serve either. From saying that W. Bush is the evilest man alive and expressing nothing but disdain and hatred toward Trump, he had the audience laughing non-stop. With his big ego intact, he let us know that he has a huge Napoleon complex.

Religion was a fun topic for him as he denounced God and endorsed Satan. The shock factor of the show was when we started talking about his very interesting sex-life with his “wife”. I have to give him props because I don’t think I would be able to say some of the things he said while my mom, baby sister, and grandpa sat right in from of me.

From beginning to end, it was definitely a very funny set. From the slip of paper he hands you at the beginning (which asks if you think he’s handsome) to him kicking his shows off and screaming and dancing, it’s non-stop funny.

Stryker can be seen one more time before the close of the festival and if you’re a fan of raunchy stand-up, which I am, then check him out on Friday, August 25th at 9:30 pm.


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