ST. LOUIS LIMELIGHT IS PROUD to announce that we are sponsoring 10 FREE TICKETS to see Uncle Vanya: Valiantly Accepting Next Year’s Agony. Read below about the show. Details on how to win are at the bottom.

REBEL AND MISFITS PRODUCTIONS is thrilled to announce “Uncle Vanya: Valiantly Accepting Next Year’s Agony,” the second piece in its’ series called The Immersive Theatre Project. This production, directed by Kelly Hummert, Artistic Director of the company, will feature a two-hour interpretation of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya.” The event will run for two weeks, Thursday through Monday, from August 24 through September 3 at a private residence at 110 Dielman Road in Ladue.

“Uncle Vanya” follows an elderly professor and his young, glamorous second wife, Yelena, to a rural estate, causing the desires and tempers of those residing there to flare. Matters are brought to a crisis when the professor announces his selfish intention to sell the estate and characters’ desperation sets in.

The experience begins with a high-tea reception at 7:00 PM, followed by the play, starting promptly at 8:00 PM. Audiences can expect direct contact with characters from the show throughout the evening as part of the immersive theatre experience. Between acts, various Russian libations will be served.

Kelly Hummert, Artistic Director of REBEL AND MISFITS PRODUCTIONS, is creating immersive theatrical experiences for St. Louis audiences in diverse and unusual locations, inviting audiences to enjoy a new, daring way to experience theatre.

“Immersive theatre is an exciting way to explore plays in another light,” said Hummert. “Destroying the line between actors and spectators thrills me. When you jump into an immersive experience, you become completely invested in the story because you’re a part of it. With Uncle Vanya, we’ve found a new and creative way to immerse spectators in this iconic Chekhov play. Our interpretation is designed for devotees of Chekhov as well as those looking for an introduction to his work and unique worldview.”

The tight ensemble features a talented local cast: Jim Butz as Astrov, Andrew Michael Neiman as Vanya, Peter Mayer as The Professor, Sophia Brown as Yelena, Francesca Ferrari as Sonya, Donna Weinsting as Marina, Kent Coffel as Telegin, and Suzanne Greenwald as Mrs. Voitensky.

Attendees can get a sneak peek inside the play’s country estate in advance of opening night. Digital media director, Aarti Couture, will feature live social media content up to and during the show (including online at as characters work to persuade guests to attend and “save” them from “the boredom of this stifling country home.”

REBEL AND MISFITS PRODUCTIONS is very excited to deliver this production as its second immersive piece. As Shakespeare says in Richard the Second, “I wasted time, now time doth waste me.” The characters in “Uncle Vanya: Valiantly Accepting Next Year’s Agony” realize the same is true for them as they waste day after day in the country home. Hummert and the cast hope that audiences will walk away from the experience with a lot to say about the immersive world they are leaving as well as fresh eyes on the one they are re-entering.


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