Community Arts Festival Receives Overwhelming Community Support

Festival Finds a New Home with the Kranzbergs after Tremendous Turn Out from St. Louis Artists

Community Arts Festival produced by Annonyarts at Satori, a festival created in honor of Rain Stippec after a random act of gun violence occurred in Soulard early February, has received amazing turn out from local area performers. The festival was slated to run for two weekends at Satori Theatre in collaboration with Annonyarts over the course of two weekends with seven performances. However, due to the large numbers of artists who have signed on to perform in Rain’s honor, the festival has grown larger than Satori’s venue. Thanks to the help of Tom Brady and Chris Hansen, Community Arts Festival has found a solution in a generous donation from the Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

Community Arts Festival will now host performances on two dates, September 2 and September 9, at 7:30 pm, with September 2 being held at the Marcelle Black Box Theatre, and September 9 at the newly renovated Grandel Theatre. Both weekends will boast a completely unique lineup of companies and performers bringing their art to the stage in support of Rain Stippec and her recovery.

Satori and Annonyarts have been gracious enough to continue to be a host for the festival’s two mornings of free community workshops to help educate and inform the public on these acts of violence in St. Louis. The team of directors bringing this festival to fruition could not be more grateful to Tom Brady, Chris Hansen, Annonyarts, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, and every artist who has helped to grow this event into what had always been envisioned: a great expression of community and artistry coming together to help educate, heal, and inspire St. Louis to become a safer home.

For more information on performing companies, partnering organizations, and our young artist’s workshop, please visit us online at Interested in how you can help this festival grow? Email founder Paige Walden-Johnson at

It is up to us to begin the process of change for our city, our audiences, and our artists.

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