St. Lou Fringe Review: Dead Gothics Society

With humor, quick-wits, and excellent acting, the cast of Dead Gothics Society had the audience in stitches throughout the entire performance. With Satan as the host of a Horror Writing Competition, much like the one that “Frankenstein” started at in 1816, to see who is the best Gothic writer. 

Satan starts out by explaining the competition and all of the dead gothics introduce themselves. Classic Horror writers like Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, and Bram Stoker were in attendance for the fun and terrifying competition. The audience plays a part in the game as the judges, choosing the best two writers to duel for the top spot. The winner gets a ticket to Heaven while the runner-up goes straight to Hell. The remaining players get to continue sweating it out in Purgatory.

One by one, the ten contestants deliver their all new tale of terror. Some being amazing and even causing the audience to jump, others were quite silly. There was even a surprise “Magic Mike” strip tease and a reimagining of “Twilight.” My two favorites were:

  • Mary Shelley’s Mirror Mirror- a young girl sits on her bed and is frightened by the scary girl that haunts her from her oversized mirror. As she tries to communicate with the spirit it grabs her and switches places. The mother doesn’t even realize the switch and before the girl can escape her reflective prison, the spirit shatters the mirror, leaving her imprisoned forever.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Music To Be Murdered By- in a series of quick mini scenes, the actors portray various ways to die while spooky music plays in the background.

Overall, the cast was incredible as they juggled various characters and personas. The comedic timing of the show was impeccable. If you missed this show, then you missed a real treat. And I absolutely loved how they were able to tie the “Russian Connection” into the show for a little added humor.

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