Stick Together, Support Each Other, Be Successful…

One of the greatest things about St. Louis is the Theatre Community. With so many theatre groups, there is never a weekend that a show isn’t going on. While the theatre community thrives there are many people out there that don’t even realize it exists. Sure, they know about the Muny, The Fox, The Rep, etc. but the smaller theatres are almost invisible to a large portion of the St. Louis area. This is the reason St. Louis Limelight Magazine was formed. Our whole reason for existing is to help spread the word about this amazing community. 

Stick Together

While so many members of the theatre community connect with others and supports each other, there are still so many out there that isolate themselves. Who is this serving other than yourself? If we want to thrive and grow, we have to support each other. Help spread the word about shows even though you’re not in them. Don’t be negative to people in your community just because you can. Build each other up and we can all see each other thrive. Theatre is not a competitive sport. It’s a collaborative piece of art. So stick together and be there when you’re needed and appreciate when the favor is returned.

Support Each Other

Supporting the theatre community can happen in so many different ways. While many of the equity theatres have the funds and budgets to hire support for their shows and spend lots of money on advertising, many of the other theatres don’t have this luxury. If you see a company asking for ushers, box office workers, or anything and you’re between shows or have some free time, volunteer! While you’re scanning Facebook and you see some posts about shows coming up, share them. It’s simply a click away and you can introduce a whole new group of people to that theatre company. We have to be supportive of each other otherwise what in the hell are we doing this for.


I know, you’re probably thinking “easier said than done.” But having a theatre company, no matter how big or small, doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Lend a hand, spread the love, and you will see the love in return. Don’t tear each other down but instead build each other up. This is the KEY to SUCCESS! 

Be Proud of What We’ve All Built

So the next time you see someone post about their show, share it. The next time you need help with your production, post it. Stick together as a community and watch us all thrive. Support the hell out of theatre and see us all grow. Be positive with each other and show each other generosity and love and get it in return. Let’s all work together to be a SUCCESSFUL Theatre Community!!

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