Down With Love Brings Perfect Harmony to the Monocle

It was a packed house on Manchester Friday night, as the small back room theatre was filled to its capacity with a well treated crowd at the Monocle. Luke Steingruby and Marcy Ann Wiegert starred in the Cabaret-style show, “Down With Love.” The show takes responsibility for the dozens who enjoyed their evening in The Grove.

Every seat was taken, and there was a reason for it. The duo on stage ushered us through the beautiful, emotional, hilarious, and painfully relatable story of their last few years. Featuring over an hour of music, including a self-wrote heart-stopping piece by Steingruby, this show made the Monocle the bright spot of a city currently filled with rioting and protests.
Steingruby and Wiegert displayed phenomenal singing talents with solo numbers, and harmonized with each other perfectly. In one song, the two invited the crowd to sing along, in which to my surprise, the WHOLE CROWD joined in and produced a powerful harmony that even Wiegert had to compliment after the song ended. Within 90 minutes, the two offered both heart-warming and gut-wrenching stories of their past significant others.
I was lucky enough to speak with Luke Steingruby for a moment just to get a quote about the show and he had this to say:
The show was unscripted so I probably couldn’t quote myself word for word on that but I believe what I said was “the best thing you can ever do is commit to yourself and your passions. If you know what makes you happy, go after it. Anyone who tries to stand in the way of that is a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to take up space in your life!”
And that moral was made clear throughout the show. Overall, this show was outstanding, and was a very impressive showcase for the two. A standing ovation was nothing short of necessary at the end of the night.

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