Silver Stage Senior Theatre is Auditioning for “The Tempest”

Stray Dog Theatre announces auditions for its inaugural Silver Stage Senior Theatre production.

The Silver Stage program by Stray Dog Theatre will present an annual production, featuring a cast of actors exclusively over the age of 60 years old and a production team largely composed of professional and pre-professional young adult artists. The inaugural production will be William Shakespeare’s The Tempest in May 2018. Silver Stage hopes to provide the experience of theatre to senior citizens, regardless of ability, age, experience, or background, and create a network of mature performers who can become an active and vibrant part of our theatre community for years to come.

Auditions for The Tempest will be held November 4 and 5, 2017.  As always, Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.

No experience necessary! Whether you’re a seasoned actor or a first timer, we want to work with you. Any seniors (60 and over) who can provide their own transportation to and from rehearsals and performances and are interested in theatre can audition! 


By William Shakespeare

Prospero, sorcerer and rightful Duke of Milan, along with his daughter Miranda, has lived on an island for many years since his position was usurped by his brother Antonio. Then, as Antonio’s ship passes near the island one day, Prospero conjures up a terrible storm… This thrilling tale of forgiveness, passion, and vengeance was Shakespeare’s final play and his farewell to the stage before his retirement.

Performances: Opens May 5, 2018 and closes May 6, 2018. Three performances are scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at 2 pm and 8 pm, and Sunday, May 6 at 2 pm. 

First rehearsal: February 3, 2018. Rehearsals are 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Saturdays. Tech rehearsals will take place in the evenings, April 28 – May 4. Rehearsals will include theatre and improvisation games and exercises, language work, staging, and choreography.

Silver Stage Program Director: Robert M. Kapeller 


Prospero (M or F) – The usurped Duke of Milan

Miranda (F) – His daughter

Ariel (M or F) – Prospero’s fairy servant

Ferdinand (M) – The Prince of Naples

Caliban (M or F) – Prospero’s slave

Alonso (M or F) – The King of Naples

Trinculo (M or F) –The King’s Jester

Antonio (M or F) – Prospero’s brother

Sebastian (M or F) – The King’s brother

Gonzalo (M or F) – A kind Neopolitan lord

Stephano (M or F) – The King’s butler

Ensemble (M or F) – Fairies, noblemen, gods, etc.

* Roles may be double cast






1      First and last name,

2      Contact phone number,

3      Desired appointment time


Play Appointment Dates/Times: 

Saturday, November 4, 2017 | 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (Audition Space opens at 10:30 am)

Sunday, November 5, 2017 | 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (Audition space opens at 10:30 am)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not available for the listed audition times but are interested in auditioning, please let us know. The casting directors will consider those with an appointment first but if a role goes unfilled we will let you know about additional auditions.


For Your Appointment

Location: Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave., Saint Louis, Missouri 63104 (Off-street parking at lot north of the Abbey.)

Arrive at scheduled audition 15 minutes early to complete necessary paperwork.

1      Please prepare a 2-3 minute story about your life. This can be told any way you’d like.

2      Please show the casting directors a special talent that you have. This can be singing, a musical instrument, dancing, yodeling, snapping, knock-knock jokes, anything. No talent is too big or too small.

3      Provide a picture of yourself.

4      Have fun! We want to see that you are excited about joining us. Don’t be nervous, and show us what you’ve got.

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