Sweet Revenge Returns to St. Louis

As I arrived at the Kranzberg Arts Center to watch Sweet Revenge, the line was out the theater door! I was unfamiliar with the play, written by Polish author Aleksander Fredro, but I quickly learned it was a classic and it has local history. Sweet Revenge, as performed by the Julius Stowacki Players ( Saint Louis-1933) ┬áhad me wanting more as soon as I entered the theater. To my left, as I walked into the production, was 8 pictures of smiling faces with names underneath. Each picture was of the actors dressed in Renaissance style clothing. To the right were hand drawn portraits with each character’s name.

As I filed into my seat the curtain rose and the actors began to sing a beautiful song in another language. The song sounded like some sort of chant or anthem. The character playful peeked from the backdrop and the show was underway. I found myself laughing throughout the play, which was filled with unforgettable characters. My favorite character was of the Knight Papkin, played by John Bratkowski. The character was witty and unpredictable. It was very fun to watch!

I admire the poetic rhyming that filled the entire play. Sometimes rhymes can be distracting and redundant, but in this play, it worked very well. Sweet Revenge was exciting, hilarious, and unpredictable! All of the actors played their roles so well. The characters were full of life! This was a story of love, lust, pride, and ego, set year before our time. At the same time, it really relates to our culture in unexpected ways. I stayed excited all the way through.

Although the second half, after the 10 minute intermission flowed faster than the first, the whole show was filled with humorous dialogue. One character, Eric Conners, played three different roles. The show was very creative and the plot was detailed and exciting. I encourage you to go see the play, which runs through October, you’ll leave laughing and smiling at this classic, creative work of art.

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