Evil Dead The Musical Brings Glam and Gore To The Grandel

A standing ovation at The Grandel Theatre in St. Louis was the perfect way to end the Thursday night of blood and laughter everyone experienced at “Evil Dead The Musical.” The songs ‘Housewares Employee’ and ‘Do The Necronomicon’ showcased fantastic harmonies, hilarious lyrics, and choreography and visuals that will have you laughing hours after the curtain closes.

Once you take your seats in The Grandel, whether that’s in the regular seating or the SplatterZone, you are greeted by a black curtain and an oversized, and visually stunning, version of The Necronomicon, or The Book Of The Dead. Through this book, the show is introduced, and once those curtains open, you’ll be hooked! From canvas minimalist backdrops, to the creatively designed cabin in the woods, every set change created by Lindsey Anne Black will have you wondering just what will come next.

Photo by: Christie V. Allen, Mirror Mirror Photography

The show follows the story of 5 college students on their way to an old abandoned cabin in the woods for spring break, where they’re all alone and no one knows where they are. What could go wrong? Trent Mills and Michelle Nash take on the rolls of Ash and Linda, the two star-crossed lovers who fell in love at an S-Mart store, and send the crowd into a spiral of laughter. The whole cast worked wonderfully together to keep up the high energy and lovably vulgar language that has us all wanting more. While taking a comedic approach to every situation, the gore, dismemberment, and wildly suggestive actions of the characters work well in their attempt to fight off demons, zombies, and strangely, a singing stuffed moose.

Photo by: Christie V. Allen, Mirror Mirror Photography

Musically, “Evil Dead” brought everything to the table. Featuring the insanely talented singers, including Mills and Nash, Christopher Fulton (Scotty), Saphire Demitro (Cheryl), Merritt Crews (Shelley and Annie), and Andy Ingram (Ed). These actors and actresses flawlessly tied together every one-liner with a beautiful harmony.

“Evil Dead The Musical” has often been written off to follow its movie predecessors, but that’s not the case! It’s actually a widely popular horror comedy show, that is trying to become the new Rocky Horror, and it just might. With axes, chainsaws and demons, half the fun is to sit in the SplatterZone, the first three rows of the theatre, and spend the next 2 and a half hours getting sprayed with geysers of stage blood. But be sure to bring a poncho with you!

The Grandel Theatre has 10 performance dates for the tour of “Evil Dead The Musical” over the next week. October 12-22. Shows begin at 7:30 and tickets range from $50-$90 online. This is one show you won’t want to miss, so get your tickets now at metrotix.com before they’re gone. And use promo code “JOHNNIE” to save 50% on tickets (DOES NOT INCLUDE SPLATTERZONE SEATS). Discount code provided by Johnnie Brocks!

Feature Photo by: Christie V. Allen, Mirror Mirror Photography

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