Heisenberg Delivers Charm and Passion At The Rep Studio

Heisenberg surprises the audience by delivering a beautiful and charming story of two strangers that build a connection and a relationship that completely warms your heart. Written by the Tony Award-winning Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime), this is a show that you want to take the time to see. 

Joneal Joplin and Susan Louise O’Connor. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.
In a story that could resemble many others, two perfect strangers (Georgie Burns and Alex Priest) meet in a train station. They have a brief conversation where Georgie does most of the talking and Alex seems intrigued yet somewhat annoyed. The whole encounter seems odd at first while you’re trying to figure out what’s going on. From there, the audience has the complete pleasure of watching this relationship not only blossom but become one of the most heart-warming love stories.

In this simple two-person play with a simple set, Susan Louis O’Connor takes on the role of Georgie Burns. The role was made popular by Mary-Louis Parker but O’Connor makes that role her own. With the comedic timing and her unique eccentricity, she captivates the audience through the whole show. Joneal Joplin plays Alex Priest, an older man that still has plenty of passion in his heart. Joplin expertly maneuvers throughout the show with his one-liners and wit. While both actors hold their own, it’s the two of them combined that really makes this show one to remember.

Joneal Joplin and Susan Louise O’Connor. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.
Neither of these two actors is strangers to The Rep. O’Connor, who’s a Kevin Kline Award nominee, was previously on The Rep stage in God of Carnage where she played Annette. She also goes beyond the stage and can be seen on major television shows like Orange is the New Black and Law & Order: SVUJoplin is a true treasure with over 100 performed shows at The Rep. Some of his favorites include Sight Unseen, Ghosts, and The Living.

Heisenberg is directed by the incomparable Steven Woolf and again he proves that his expert direction is exactly what The Rep needs. Unfortunately, Mr. Woolf will be ending his successful and very respected career soon so I know I will be seeing as many of his directed shows as I can. And so should you.

So hurry to the box office and get your tickets! There’s one week remaining to take in the beautiful and memorable experience that is Heisenberg. Click here for more information and to purchase your tickets online. And for a sneak peek, watch the trailer here!

Feature Image: Joneal Joplin and Susan Louise O’Connor. Photo by Jon Gitchoff.

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