10 Questions With Laura Deveney

There has been some time go by since our last published “10 Questions With article.  And today we are flipping the switch to turn our Actor’s Talent Spotlight back on, shining it brightly on St. Louis’ talented performer, Laura Deveney.

Let’s take a look at Laura had to say when asked our series of questions.

The Boss- Sideshow- Overdue Theater ( Elizabeth Penny). Image provided by Laura Deveney

10 Questions With Laura Deveney

  • What is your name and how old are you?
    • Laura Megan Deveney and I am 38 years old.
  • Other than community theatre, what other hobbies do you have?
    • Knitting, and singing
  • What is your occupation?
    • Waitress
  • How long have you been acting?
    • I’ve always loved theater and performing, but the first time I took the stage I was 12.  So I’ve been at it for 26 years.
  • How many shows have you been in?
    • Honestly, I have lost count.
  • What are the top 3 favorite roles you have played?
    • Pennywise in Urinetown
    • Barbara Fordham in August Osage County
    • The Boss in Sideshow
  • What are the top 3 roles you would love to play?
    • Act Two
    • Stray Dog
    • Overdue
    • Alfresco
  • What nominations and awards have you received?
    • I’ve only been nominated.  I was nominated for best group or trio in Chicago with Act Two Theater for being part of the merry murderesses. For my role in Nuncrackers for best comedic comic performance in a musical. Also, Urinetown and Chicago were nominated for best shows.
Penelope Pennywise- Urinetown- Act Two Theater ( Robert Hanson, Jakeb Reynolds, John Lemon. Image provided by Laura Deveney.

We make time for a little follow up.

I had a great time connecting and getting to know Laura Deveney as a performer and an individual.  The St. Louis community is very lucky to have the opportunity to go see this talented actress on stage.   And, on behalf of the entire staff here at St. Louis Limelight, I want to thank Laura for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions and give us all a little insight about her life.

As usual, I had a few follow up questions for Laura.  It is always interesting and enlightening to hear how the theatre community members (on all levels) view the challenges community theatre faces daily.  When I posted this question to the performer, she had this to say.

“One of the biggest problems community theater faces is gaining new audiences outside of the theater world.  I believe it’s getting better through the power of Facebook and technology in general.  I feel as though all of the theaters could have more advertising and promotion outside those involved in theater alone.  Also, in my opinion, there should be more communication between different theater companies to keep shows from being performed by several of them during their seasons.”  ~Laura Deveney~

Many of you reading this piece may just be starting your journey in the theatre or even just discovering the passion.  So, I asked Laura for a few words of wisdom and inspiration.

Helena- midsummer nights dream- Riverside Shakespeare ( John Lampe and Tom Lehmann) Photo provided by Laura Deveney

To remind us all to dream big and don’t lose sight of the goals we set,  here is what she had to say,  “My word of wisdom is to love what you are doing. Put all your heart and soul out on stage.  The theater is a labor of love.  Also, don’t forget to have fun and let judgment fall off your shoulders.”

A little inspiration of a different kind!

For those who might be a little as I am, the Holiday Season approaching brings thoughts of the Season and festivities with both family and our community

My thought was that it would be fun to see if our Spotlight Talent had any memories of childhood, special plans or maybe a long-standing family tradition.  Laura shares this with us today.

She said, “When I was young my family would always have pizza on Christmas Eve and open presents from the family.  We saved Christmas morning for Santa Claus gifts alone.  Also, I receive a Christmas bear every year from my parents. Yes, I have many teddy bears.

Again, we thank Laura for letting everyone get to know her.  We wish her well and good luck on future performances.  I encourage you all to try to catch one of her productions.  Continue to go out and support the St Louis Community Theatre!  And, to show our support for Laura, after you have enjoyed her on stage, come back to this piece, and use the comment section below to let her know you were there!

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