Tenacious Eats Takes Dinner and A Movie to a Whole New Level

If you’re an adventurous eater that loves to watch movies then Tenacious Eats is the perfect experience for you.

Each month, for one night only, Chef Liz and her team stage not just an elegant and unique meal but a night of entertainment, prizes, and laughter. For November, the feature movie was Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, the classic 80’s Thanksgiving comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy. And what an experience it was. 

So how does it work? You get to sit and watch a movie. While you’re enjoying the feature film, you are served a five-course meal where each course is tied into the movie by way of Chef Liz’s incredible creativity. Each course is made from scratch and before each course, Chef Liz comes out to explain what you will be eating. And what a funny and entertaining woman!

For Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, we traveled across the country with the movie. In each of the selected cities, we were treated to some of the most delicious food that I’ve ever had. At first, I was surprised and hesitant of the $75 price per person, but I will say this… It was worth every penny and more. From the food to the cocktails, from the intermission games and prizes to the hilarious Chef Liz, I would pay this any day.

So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend an evening, then look no further than Tenacious Eats. Unfortunately, the December show, Home Aloneis already sold out but if you hurry you can get tickets to their January show, Fast Times at Ridgemont High! 

Also, I know it’s short notice but if you’re not busy on Sunday, December 3 at 8 am or at 12 pm, Tenacious Eats will be hosting their 3rd annual “Misfit Christmas Brunch.” All proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots. So bring the kids out for breakfast and a family Christmas movie. Adults are $30 and children are $10. Hurry before it’s gone.


As an added treat to this whole experience, I got to have a fun conversation with Chef Liz to discuss Tenacious Eats on a more personal level.

Jordan Zeitler: How did you come up with the concept of Tenacious Eats?

Chef Liz: It really came down to one pivotal moment. I forced a couple friends to watch Man, Eat, Drink, Woman which is a Chinese movie about a chef that’s preparing a meal for his daughters. We found that we had to keep pausing the film to get something to eat because it was making us so hungry. That’s when we decided that this was something we had to do.

JZ: How long has Tenacious Eats been going now?

CL: We started in 2012 and we are now in our 6th season. When we first started, we figured it would stay more underground and we had a really hard time even giving the tickets away, let alone selling them. Now, after 6 years, we are selling out almost every month.

JZ: What was the first dinner and movie that you served?

CL: Our first film was a European film called Short Order. There’s one point in the film that they serve Tiger Prawns and we did that at the same time. It was really cool. This whole thing is a very visceral experience. What we do is exciting and kinetic and it truly satisfies my creative needs as a chef.

JZ:  How do you come up with the menu for each film?

CL: It really depends on the film. A movie that I love will take me weeks to plan a menu. It’s challenging to pull a dish off that makes sense to the film. A lot of thought goes into it because I make sure that the food will great, it will be aesthetically pleasing, and it won’t be just some random sampling.

JZ: Do you see this just going on forever?

CL: That would be nice. I will say that the day I’m not excited about what I’m doing anymore is the day I will hang up my Chef’s hat.

Thank you, Chef Liz, for a wonderful conversation. I wish I could have transcribed the entire conversation because, for almost two hours, we just laughed and laughed.

To get tickets to Tenacious EatsCLICK HERE NOW!!

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