Next Generation Theatre Delivers a Classic Christmas Tale, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, with seemingly countless adaptions, has even more possible interpretations. This Charles Dickens Christmas classic offers everybody a little bit of Christmas spirit. On stage, A Christmas Carol has become a Christmas tradition, being performed by numerous theatre companies around the world every December.

In Florissant, Next Generation Theatre Company greets their audience with a beautifully decorated stage, lined with Christmas lights and the long strands of Christmas Garland that really puts you in the Christmas mood before the show even starts.

Next Generation set the stage well with props, set pieces, costumes, and a lot of special effects. The cast dressed for the occasion and the costumes alone can bring you back to the 1840s when Charles Dickens (played by Kellen Green) wrote the Novella. Everybody on stage had the appropriate attire, hair, and makeup of the era, and were topped off by perfected old English accents all across the board. Add that to the beautiful scenery and the expert lighting and projection display and it brings the classic fairytale to life in a new and exciting way.

The characters themselves represented the true meaning of Christmas. From the unfortunate yet happy family of the Cratchits to Scrooges’ lively well-mannered nephew, Fred (played by Tyler Woods) and his family, everybody (except Scrooge) celebrates Christmas as a time for family, and friends, and giving…not getting. Everybody on stage played their role with enthusiasm and will keep you in the Holiday spirit until New Years.

Overall, A Christmas Carol is a Christmas tradition that gets you ready for the holidays, but also reminds you what they are for, and that not everybody is fortunate to spend Christmas as some of us. Next Generation tasked themselves with spreading the Christmas Spirit. Not only did they tackle that task, but they also reminded us what Christmas is really all about.

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