The Peabody Hosts The Return of Buddy Holly

Who doesn’t love the rock n roll classics of Buddy Holly? This weekend at the Peabody Opera House, audiences are treated to the musical biopic of one of the greatest singers in history. Leading up to “the night the music died,” the show tells the story of Buddy Holly’s rise to fame and his untimely and tragic death.¬†Michael Pierre Jr. returns to the touring show as Holly and does a great job at portraying the music icon. Along with Pierre Jr., you will be entertained with performances by a talented cast as they bring back to life the Big Bopper and Richie Valens. Miguel Angel Brenes gives a memorable performance at Valens and performs “La Bamba” during the final performance of the ill-fated trio.

Other honorable mentions are the performances of Jason William Steffen and Noah Berry as Buddy’s two pals that were The Crickets, Joe B. Mauldin and Jerry Allison. It was especially¬†entertaining to watch Steffen as he played the upright bass by standing on it, laying on his back, and many more inventive ways.

The hit musical, written by Alan Janes, is directed by Matt Salisbury and produced by Richard Porter. Using a pretty simple set, the stage crew is able to easily transition from location to location seamlessly. Lighting and sound design also assist in driving the show forward.

It was a complete pleasure to watch Pierre Jr. and the rest of cast perform most of Holly’s hits, like “Peggy Sue”, “Why Do Fools”, and “Johnny B. Goode.” Needless to say, if you’re looking for a show that will get your hips hopping and your pelvis popping then check out “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.”If you hurry, you can catch the final performance this evening at the Peabody Opera House. Purchase your tickets online here or get them at the door. Final performance begins at 7:30 pm.

SPECIAL OFFER! Students and educators who bring their School I.D. can get $28 rush tickets for both performances of “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” National Tour¬†at Peabody Opera House this weekend!

Available at the Peabody Opera House Box Office 2 hours prior to the show. Limit 2 tickets per school ID.

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