‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’ theme of St. Louis Actors’ Studio’s 12th Season

September will mark the beginning of St. Louis Actors’ Studio’s 12th season. We are excited that Annamaria Pileggi will return to direct Tribes for us this season  Associate Artistic Directors John Pierson (True West)  and Bobby Miller  (The Little Foxes) and stalwart Wayne Salomon Farragut North) round out the season’s directing corps and the LaBute Festival returns both to the NYC and Gaslight Theaters. Many other events and guest artists are in the planning stages and will be announced during the season. Casting should be complete by June.

Season 12 – Blood is Thicker than Water

The Little Foxes – by Lillian Hellman, Directed by Assoc Artistic Director Bobby Miller, 09/28/2018 – 10/14/2018

Just off its Broadway run!


Set in Alabama in 1900, The Little Foxes follows Regina Giddens and her ruthless clan, including her sister-in-law Birdie, as they clash in often brutal ways in an effort to strike the deal of their lives. Far from a sentimental look at a bygone era, the play has a surprisingly timely resonance with important issues facing our country today.

A milestone in American drama.

Tribes – by Nina Raine, Directed By Annamaria Pileggi, 11/30/2018 – 12/16/2018

Billy was born deaf into a hearing family. He was raised inside its fiercely idiosyncratic and politically incorrect cocoon. He has adapted brilliantly to his family’s unconventional ways, but they’ve never bothered to return the favor. It’s not until he meets Sylvia, a young woman on the brink of deafness, that he finally understands what it means to be understood.

“…subtle and scintillating…Raine shrewdly builds [a] dense canopy of sound around Billy’s silence, in order to make the narrative of his oppressive solitude and his subsequent liberation from it more than just a problem play about the hearing-impaired. TRIBES is as much about the tyranny of language as it is about the misery of not being able to hear it.” -The New Yorker.

“A smart, lively…play that asks us to hear how we hear, in silence as well as in speech.” -NY Times.

“There’s so much going on in…TRIBES that it’s almost overwhelming: intellect and sentiment, love and cruelty, witty zingers and biting put-downs. But in Nina Raine’s dazzling play, too much is a good thing.” -NY Post.

“…bright and boldly provocative drama.” -Associated Press.

“TRIBES made me excited about New York theatre again; I haven’t been this knocked out by a play in a long time.” –NYTheatre.com.

FARRAGUT NORTH by Beau Willimon, Directed by Wayne Salomon – 02/08/2019 – 02/24/2019


THE STORY: Stephen Bellamy is a wunderkind press secretary who has built a career that men twice his age would envy. During a tight presidential primary race, Stephen’s meteoric rise falls prey to the backroom politics of more seasoned operatives. FARRAGUT NORTH is a timely story about the lust for power and the costs one will endure to achieve it.

“FARRAGUT NORTH is juicy entertainment. [A] whip-smart insider look at the soul-sucking world of political campaigns…the play’s taut scenes crackle with pithy talk, gripping plot turns and intriguing revelations.” -Variety.

“You will find yourself drawn into FARRAGUT NORTH, Beau Willimon’s supremely entertaining dissection of the machinations behind getting elected.” -Associated Press.

“If you think the race for the presidency is over, step into the world of FARRAGUT NORTH. Beau Willimon’s juicy and timely drama is a potent reminder that, like Hollywood, politics is a high-stakes game where one wrong liaison can finish you off.” -NY Daily News.

“Willimon writes freshly about ravenous political appetites. He’s attuned to the circuitry of political careerists, to the ego-stroking access they seek and the particular ways they seek it.” -Washington Post.

True West by Sam Shepard, Directed By Assoc. Artistic Director, John Pierson -04/12/2019 – 04/28/2019

Finalist! 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

This American classic explores alternatives that might spring from the demented terrain of the California landscape. Sons of a desert-dwelling alcoholic and a suburban wanderer clash over a film script. Austin, the achiever, is working on a script he has sold to producer Sal Kimmer when Lee, a demented petty thief, drops in. He pitches his own idea for a movie to Kimmer, who then wants Austin to junk his bleak, modern love story and write Lee’s trashy Western tale.

“True West has […] arguably become Shepard’s signature piece, the leanest, most pointed of his full-length works.” – David Krasner, A Companion to Twentieth-Century American Drama.

“Shepard’s masterwork […] It tells us a truth, as glimpsed by a 37-year-old genius.” – New York Post

“It’s clear, funny, naturalistic. It’s also opaque, terrifying, surrealistic. If that sounds contradictory, you’re on to one aspect of Shepard’s winning genius; the ability to make you think you’re watching one thing while at the same time he’s presenting another.” – San Francisco Chronicle

7th Annual LaBute New Theater Festival

July 5 – 28, 2019  

The Tony® Nominated Playwright returns to host his month-long festival of new plays at the Gaslight Theater.

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