We’re Back! Welcome to New Improved Limelight


We have been live for a few weeks now, and happy that the curtain has risen on our all-new look and improved St. Louis Limelight Magazine website.

However, we still have work to do, namely archives and copy that was lost when we had disabling technical difficulties. We are working to upload articles so you can access all our content. We will be tweaking things, too.
We appreciate your support as we have gone through revisions this year to create a quality online publication for local theater enthusiasts. We are very proud of our fresh upgrade, and look forward to covering the regional theater community.

You will be able to find our latest news, popular features, such as Go See a Play! weekly calendar round-up, our Take Ten with interviews, special events coverage, and reviews here for professional and community theater.
If you have a play to add to our weekly round-up, contact Managing Editor Lynn Venhaus at lynnvenhaus@gmail.com. Submitted photos much appreciated. “Go See a Play”! is posted on Thursdays, so please provide information by Wednesday of the first week.
We appreciate your patience as we work to add all our archives and additional items to the new site.
Check back often to see what’s new! We welcome your feedback.
The Limelight Team
Publisher Jordan Zeitler
Webmaster Richard Matt
Managing Editor Lynn Venhaus
Contributing Writers Ken Brostow, Jackie McGarry, Jeff Ritter, Bradley Rohlf, Andrea Braun, Connie Bollinger.

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