Christopher Kale Jones Soars as Cool Crooner Bobby Darin in Loving Tribute

By Connie Bollinger
Contributing Writer
Christopher Kale Jones is not a Bobby Darin impersonator.

His one-man show, “Darin: Bobby’s Greatest Hits” is, rather, a loving tribute to Darin, one of the most influential entertainers of the 20th century.

Christopher Kale Jones, who played Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys” on the first national tour and in several cities, is a founding member of “Under the Lamplight,” which aired to great acclaim on PBS. He performs with the same trademark confidence and energy as Darin did and with approximately the same vocal range.

He  effortlessly flows  from ballad to blues to rock ‘n roll, delivering a raucous, delightful two-hour journey down memory lane. He sings Darin’s signature songs, such as “Artificial Flowers,” “Splish Splash,” “Beyond the Sea” and the rousing “Mack the Knife.”.

Jones is backed by some incredible musicians, all of them from right here in St. Louis, all of them fine-tuned and not missing a beat.
Jones has every Bobby Darin move down cold. He glides, jumps, spins around the stage while singing, playing with the band, playing with the audience, and giving us fascinating tidbits about the life and times of Darin — a multi-talented singer, actor, composer and one of the coolest performers ever.

Jones’ enthusiasm never falters. He delivers a musically diverse, professional and thoroughly entertaining songbook of Darin hits. The audience was just as engaged as he was, dancing and singing with him at times, their appreciation culminating in a standing ovation.

All I can say is WOW! You gotta see this!

“Darin: Bobby’s Greatest Hits” performs at the Westport Playhouse through Sept. 30. For more information, visit or

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